Roger Phillips Sr PhD, Author

Overseer Roger Phillips Sr, PhD is an accomplished teacher and expositor of the gospel. He was installed as an Overseer-Vicar by Bishop Larry D. Trotter, presiding Prelate of New Century Fellowship of Churches and Ministries International. In the fall of 2014, Dr Phillips and his wife Virgie will relocate to the east coast of Florida. There he will begin his new assignment as Dean of Ecclesiastical Training for Bishop Jacqueline D. Gordon, and New Shiloh Christian Center in Melbourne, Florida. Dr Phillips is committed to enhancing those whom he teach using standards of truth and providing quality Biblical education, his teaching standards require focus on factual insights of the unembellished truths the ancient biblical scholars intended to convey, laying aside all personal opinions and utilizing sound fundamental principles. His in-depth praxis bring into sharp focus divine wisdom and knowledge, executing sound initiatives with forward vision and implementation of course strategies, with a high qualitative theological emphasis on academic achievements. He uses principles of text interpretation (Hermeneutics) and adherence to the fact that God will adjudicate us by our deeds, as to how we comport ourselves in Christian amalgamation with the families of God.


He and his wife Virgie Phillips, operate Relevance of The Word of God Ministries, which is organized as a teaching and organizational functional instruction ministry to further equip the saints in enhancement of the Word of God. Their instructional praxis focuses on Bishops, Pastors, Elders, Ministers and Deacons, whom are charged as ordained men and women of God, to bolster and foster the Gospel, revealing “the mysteries,” (“secret doctrine”) which have been concealed in God. Relevance of The Word of God Ministries, enlightens men and women of the ecclesia revealing to their understanding the knowledge God has stored up in them, and how to release this knowledge effectively to feed the children of God. They are available for conferences and teaching seminars with a coalesce of 70 years experience in the following critical areas; Corporate Administrative skills, Strategic Planning, Church Law, Creative analysis of additional ministry source revenue streams and Ecclesiastical training and Magisterium (teaching of the Faith and Doctrines) 

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