Farrell Ellis

So, Who Do You Think You Are?

So, Who Do You Think You Are?
  • Often times we don't give the female staring back at us from the bathroom mirror enough thought or consideration. We tend to neglect her. Most times she is nothing more than a passing glance. We seldom talk to her. We hardly ever tell her that we love her. Sadly, the woman in the mirror goes unrecognized. Who she truly is rarely gets noticed. If we were to take the time to pay more attention to that female gazing back at us from the bathroom mirror, we would find that she possesses the qualities of her Creator-God. In Genesis 1:26, we're told God said to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, "let us make man in our image, and in our likeness." God's daughters are near and dear to His heart. He loves us unconditionally! The female in the bathroom is beautiful, intelligent, wise, innovative, good, creative, kind, compassionate, blessed, highly favored, anointed with gifts and talents, empowered, inspiring, spiritually rich and loving. That's you! This is the season for females everywhere (young or old), to take a stand against the lies of the enemy. It's time to arise and join forces with the female looking back at you from the bathroom mirror. Together by faith, reclaim your true identity-the real you-the daughter of a Mighty King! There is greatness living on the inside of you! So, who do you think you are?
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