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Intro of the 4:44 Podcasters

Kathy McClure - Writing Course

Apostle Char  - For Business Setup

and Non-Profit w/501(c)3, and Spiritual Nuggets

Ernest D. Sullivan - M.I.H. Motivate Inspire Help

Kevin Whitaker - - Entertainment Industry

The 4:44 Podcasts Series will consist of 4 Podcasters, 4 Themes, 4 Episodes. Each Podcaster will be presenting their expertise in the field of their industry. Every theme is designed to assist you in creating your brand niche. Some are talented in certain areas while others are talented in another. This will give you a variety to choose from in a specific area. Each Episode (1:11, 2:22, 3:33, and 4:44) will consist of different aspects of the Podcasters' specialty.

We are the QUALITY CONTROL TEAM who are providing information that will help you add to who you are. Only time will tell if you are ready to make a decision to add more quality to your life. If you are doing the same thing year after year and never tapping into what is on the inside of you, then you should consider listening to the Podcasts Series that will benefit you and secure your next level.

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COACHING SERVICES with Ernest D. Sullivan

M.I.H. - "Motivate Inspire Help"

Initial Payment - 1 Hour  $$$

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Second Session - 1 Hour  $$

Third Session    - 1 Hour  $$

Fourth Session  - 1 Hour  $$


McClure Publishing, Inc. - "There is a Book Inside Everyone"

4 Easy Payments

Initial Payment     $99.99

3 Easy Payments  $59.99

MUSIC STUDIO TIME - Track Production/CD

KReW Entertainment Group - "Out Back with Kevin Whitaker"

Initial Payment - 30 Minute Session  $$

Second Session - 1 Hour   $$$

Third Session    - 1 Hour   $$$

Fourth Session  - 1 Hour   $$$

Business FOR PROFIT and NON-PROFIT with a 501(C)3 Setup

C.S. Perry Enterprises, Inc. - "Your Business Start-Up Dot Connectors"

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