Kamaya Thompson

Author of Blue Rose
As a child, I was very shy and uncomfortable with talking to others. I was the “quiet kid” in the classroom, and shook and stuttered when giving presentations. As a result, I began to write everything I felt. I found my voice in the pen; writing poems about all the emotions I lacked to verbally express. Henceforth, I have matured as a poet, developing rhythmic words for all audiences. I describe myself as an intellectual person, pondering the mysteries of life, and challenging nature and science. My work is a reflection of my deepest desires, and I freely share myself with readers through my creative work.

     A blue rose is hard to find, but once it has been spotted, it can never be forgotten. I compare my poetry to that of a blue rose, because it is sacred, meant to be cherished, and once you have read one page, you will be eager to read more. Blue Rose reflects my honest feelings on issues such as mores, politics, religion, and sexuality. Some styles may be humorous and sarcastic, but the underlying message is that of a thought provoking question I’d like my audience to consider.

     Poetry is a vessel of self-expression. As you read, you are taking in a piece of me. I give you, Blue Rose.

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