Frank Molina

Author of his debut autobiography,
"The Maryville Kid" and his second book, "It's A Pleasure To Meet Me" 
In June of 1968, a frightened Cuban refugee unable to speak English, stood at the doorsteps of Maryville Academy, an orphanage in Chicago.
FROM THE AUTHOR: As the doors closed behind me, I entered my new home, Collins Hall. It was there that I learned English and the values of life. I slowly and proudly became an American. The values and lessons I learned at Maryville, will stay with me forever. Thirty years later in 1998, I again would become an immigrant this time in Sweden for a second time, learning a new language and culture. The daily struggle of Swedish discrimination against foreigners was extremely evident. My anger and frustration grew with each passing day, unable to find work or simulate into the Swedish society. I dreamt of one day returning home to America. My motivation to succeed in Sweden never wavered. Slip into my shoes as The Maryville Kid and walk through the pages  in my debut autobiography experiencing my triumphs and tragedies in Cuba, America, and Sweden.
Heading 5
Frank Molina speaks English, Swedish and Spanish and lives in Sweden.
Frank's second book, "It's A Pleasure To Meet Me!" is a book Frank is offering his readers a look at how he has put the lessons he has learned into programs structured to benefit the handicapped and those who are otherwise overlooked in the fitness industry. He has been successful in training those in wheelchairs and others with physical problems using methods not previously used. His concerns are to get the best from his clients. His goals have always been to improve lives. His success is the smiles and enthusiasm he receives.

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